Best Carpet Cleaners & Steamers

Buying a carpet steamer can be really convenient – especially if you have animals or kids. It may also be much cheaper in the long term to actually buy your own carpet steamer rather than renting one. Especially if you need to do it all the time! They work by using steam to quickly sanitize and clean surfaces. They also leave the surface pretty dry. We also look at some pure, non steam based, carpet cleaners. So what are the best carpet cleaners on the market?

MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System

The MR 100 is a great little steam cleaner. It kills bed bugs and dust mites as well as other things that can cause your family harm. It’s perfect for cleaning and sanitizing your entire house. What’s better is that it doesn’t use any chemicals to do this. Just the steam!

It’s not just for carpets. It comes with a range of attachments which means you can use it to clean anywhere in and outside your house. You can even clean your car engine, and suits with it. It’s a really diverse device useful for so many tasks. It’s reliable and easy to use too – a good deal.

Hoover MaxExtract 60 PressurePro Carpet Deep Cleaner

The Hoover MaxExtract has a massive 397 reviews on Amazon, so you can get a pretty good idea about what the product is like there.

Click here to see the reviews. Unlike the Primo steam this device is a specialized carpet cleaner. It can’t do as much as the Primo, but it cleans the carpet better.

It essentially deep cleans your carpet (and upholstery) making it look brand new.

It does this by using rotating brushes designed to surround the fibers of the carpet and remove dirt at every angle. The cleaning is further helped by pressurised heated water which loosens the dirt.

Comes with several different attachments.

Reliable Corporation EB250 Enviromate Brio Steam Cleaner

Another steamer with a ton of accessories (21 to be exact!). Very similar to the Primo in terms of pretty much everything – like disinfecting without chemicals. It also has a similar price.

This device is newer though. Does that mean it’s better? Only time will tell. So far it has had excellent reviews.

It’s nice and manoeuvrable (it’s surprisingly light) due to the wheels being able to turn 360 degrees. It’s also very easy to use – the pressure gauge and control panel are very easy to read. As you can see the Brio Steam Cleaner perhaps looks more modern than MR100.