White Mountain Appalachian Ice Cream Maker Review

If making your own ice cream sounds like a dream, the White Mountail Electronic Ice Cream Maker could be perfect. All you need to do is grab the bucket, throw the ingredients in, and you’re ready to make amazing tasting home made ice cream.

Because there is 3 way movement (the outside canister and the two blade directions) the ingredients are continuously folded. This means that the ice cream comes out very creamy. The motor has no problems stopping and restarting; this is good if you want to add fruit, chocolate or whatever to a nice and thick ice cream mixture.

Probably the best thing about the Mountain Tail is the quality of construction. They’ve not tried to cut costs at all by using poor quality materials. Just look at the bucket; it’s made from real Pine wood and looks like it’ll last for absolutely ages. They could have gone with a cheap plastic bucket and sold the device for the same price but decided not to. It’s not just the bucket; it’s the whole device. It should last for ages. This is even backed up by a 5 year warranty.

So what about the taste? Well that partly depends on how good you are at making ice cream and what sort of flavours you decide to make (there are recipes included). If you get the ingredients right then it tastes delicious. Better than supermarket ice cream. You can really taste the freshness.

Yes, it’s not exactly cheap. But you need to pay for quality. If you’re after a cheap electronic ice cream maker then you’re going to be disappointed. They’ll just leave you with a mess. The process of good ice cream making is actually quite complex. If you’re thinking of getting one of the cheaper devices then you’re probably just better buying store made ice cream.

The only downsides are that it’s quite loud when it’s turned on. However this isn’t really a problem. You expect it to be loud really. The motor uses a 12,000 RPM motor after all!

In conclusion – a really high quality machine which is amazing for home use. It’s probably even OK for some commercial use too because of its reliability and speed. But we’ve not tested it in this capacity so don’t take our word for it!