Spotlight – Home Alone (1990)

Every Sunday Film Review UK will put a ‘Spotlight‘ on a gem of both modern and classic cinema* that will make these short, dark and wintery Sunday nights a little more berable. Whether it be for the whole family, a couple snuggled up on the sofa with mugs of hot chocolate, or just yourself trying to forget the coming Monday – sit down, relax and put a ‘Winter Spotlight‘ movie on.

Home Alone – Trailer

It’s definitely that festive time of year now – Christmas is just around the corner, so let’s kick it off with a true classic for the whole family – none other than Home Alone (1990).

Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is very much the black sheep in the family – with countless brothers and sisters to content with, he often finds himself grounded. So when the family decide to spend Christmas in France, Kevin wakes to find his family have forgotten him and he’s home alone for the holiday’s. Perhaps every kids fantasy, but reality soon kicks in when the family home is targeted by two dimwitted burglers. As the only line of defense, Kevin decides protect his home by any means necessary, whilst trying to figure out how to become the man of the house.

Home Alone is a classic that needs to be shared with every new generation and is a great festive ‘Spotlight’ film this week.