Siteground serve great customer support and all the main types of hosting available, there’s almost nothing you could want from a web hosting company that SiteGround doesn’t already have. Siteground great top of the standard features like free domain names, 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime, etc. Transferring your website is easy and if you’re creating a new one, SiteGround’s setup tool can have your site up and running in no time, custom-made solutions to make your website faster, safer, and better supported than anywhere else – SiteGround Review.

Offers many types of hosting

You will get excellent shared hosting plans that enable you to pay by month or in one-, two-, or three-year increments, if you open new account on SiteGround. If you feel you need to upgrade, there are multiple dedicated, VPS, and cloud hosting plans to choose from. This companiy’s numerous options make finding a web hosting plan that fits your needs and budget simple and easy.

24/7 Live chat and phone support available 

Customer service is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted because it plays a big role in your web hosting experience, particularly when you run into problems. SiteGround provides several customer support channels when you need help from a real person, in order to add to their forum and knowledge base online, Live chat and phone support, both of which are available 24/7, are the most desirable options because they have the fastest response times – SiteGround Review.

Student hosting program

If you’re a college student or professor and are looking to launch a new website, you won’t find a better deal around. Signing up for an account is easy, as the only requirement is that you provide a valid .edu email. This company recently launched a hosting program aimed at college students and educators. This program is good for student, newbie or teacher, through the program, students can get access to one year of web hosting for only $1.99 per month. Faculty members are also able to enroll any student in their course for a free hosting account.

Free website transfer

Great extra bit of support helps facilitate the changeover and offers the assurance you need knowing your new web host is there to welcome you and is readily available to help you out. Switch web hosts is very easy, SiteGround helps you through the transition by transferring your site and databases for free and even providing you with premium support for your first three months.

Unique setup tool

You can to add web applications easily and get everything uploaded much more quickly, because SiteGround has designed their own tool for setting up a website that enables. The company will guides you through the process and helps you determine which apps will best serve your purposes, then uploads them along with your content. By using this great tool saves a lot of time and hassle and will be especially appreciated by those who are new to creating websites and are lacking the technical expertise.

Website statistics from control panel

SiteGround provides a cPanel control panel to let site owners manage their domains and email addresses, but you can also access lots of website statistics including how many people have viewed your site and what pages get viewed most frequently. These statistics inform you of errors encountered on your site. So this information like this is extremely valuable for improving your website, minimizing errors that potentially turn off visitors, and generating more content that attracts more traffic.

Daily backups

To ensure your site’s content is never lost, all of SiteGround’s servers are backed up daily, a feature especially beneficial for all cutomer who posts content frequently. Some of web hosting company providers only back up their servers weekly and, if something goes wrong, that could mean a lot of lost data and hassle. It’s nice to see SiteGround taking these extra precautions for those who would like them – SiteGround Review.

Other Features

Account Settings  You can change your account settings.

cPanel  Your account comes equipped with cPanel.

DNS Management  You can manage your domain name settings in the control panel.

Manage Domains  You can manage the domains in your account.

Manage Email Accounts  You can manage your email accounts.

Software Downloads  You can download software while logged into your account.

Website Stats  You can view your website statistics.


99.9% Uptime  The company guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Data Backup  The company offers a data backup.

Open Source Hosting  The company offers one-click installations of popular open source CMS software.

Private Domain Registration  The company offers the option to protect your privacy by hiding your domain ownership information from the WHOIS database.

Unique IP Address  The company offers an option for you to have a unique IP address for your website.

Unlimited Bandwidth  The provider offers unlimited bandwidth.

Unlimited Disk Space  The provider offers unlimited disk space.

Unlimited MySQL Databases  The provider offers an unlimited number of MySQL databases.

WordPress  The company offers one-click installation of WordPress.

Environmentally Friendly  The company has implemented environmentally friendly practices, such as using wind power or purchasing wind credits.


24/7 Live Chat  The company offers 24/7 live chat support.

24/7 Phone Support  The company offers 24/7 phone support.

Email  The company has an email or ticket system dedicated to support.

Live Chat  The company offers live chat support.

Phone  You can contact the company by phone to get support.

Social Media  You can contact the company with questions via social media websites.


Free Domain  The company offers you a free domain when you sign up.

Unlimited Add-On Domains  You can have an unlimited number of add-on domains.

Unlimited Domains  You can host an unlimited number of domains.

Unlimited Parked Domains  You can have an unlimited number of parked domains.

Unlimited Subdomains  You can host an unlimited number of subdomains.


Aliases  You can create email aliases.

Autoresponder  You can create auto responses to your emails.

Catch-All Email  You can have a catch-all email address to capture any emails sent to your domain.

Forward  You can automatically forward your emails to another email address.

IMAP/POP/SMTP  The company offers all three protocols for email communication.

Mailing Lists  You can create mailings lists in your email account.

Spam Filter  The company provides an email spam filter.

Unlimited Email Addresses  The company allows you to have an unlimited number of email addresses associated with your domain.

Web-Based Email  You can have access to web-based email communication.

Virus Filter  The company provides a virus filter.


Free Ecommerce  The company offers a free ecommerce software when you sign up.

Free Shopping Cart  The company offers free shopping cart software when you sign up.

Money-Back Guarantee  The company offers some form of money back guarantee.

Other Advertising Credits  The provider offers some form of online advertising credits as a bonus besides Google AdWords.

Additional Software Included  The company will provide you with additional software for free, such as web design software or anti-virus software.

Free Toll-Free Phone Number  The hosting company provides you with a toll-free phone number for free when you sign up.

Google AdWords  The company provides you with Google AdWords credits for free.

Hosting Types

Cloud  The company offers cloud hosting.

Dedicated  The company offers dedicated hosting.

Reseller  The company offers reseller hosting.

Shared  The company offers shared hosting.

VPS  The company offers VPS hosting.

Learning Materials

FAQ  The company’s site provides a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

Forum  The company’s site provides a forum where users can post questions and answers.

Knowledge Base  The company’s site provides a knowledge base of detailed help articles.

Video Tutorials  The company’s site provides video tutorials.


Daily Server Backups  The company conducts daily server backups.

Dedicated SSL Certificate  The company provides a dedicated SSL certificate.

Password Protected  The company offers password protection for your website.

Secure FTP Access  The company has secure FTP access.

Shared SSL Certificates  The company offers a shared SSL certificate.

Website Design

Customizable Website Templates  The company offers customizable website templates to help design your website.

Drag-and-Drop Site Builder  The company offers a simple drag-and-drop website builder for you to create your site.

Mobile Site Creation  The company offers tools to create a mobile website.

Website Design Tools  The company provides you with tools to help design your website.


Basic Shared

Monthly Fee: $3.95
Annual Fee: $47.40

Shared Plus

Monthly Fee: $7.85
Annual Fee: $95.40 – SiteGround Review