Remote Control Robots for Kids

Now when I was a child, the one thing I would have loved is a remote control robot! Unfortunately I don’t think they made them back then, or if they did they were very expensive. I’m sure young kids will be delighted with any of the robots on this page, but remember some of the technology they use is actually quite advanced. You don’t want to buy a cheap one and end up disappointed with the results.

WowWee Tribot Talking Companion

The Tribot can do so much! First of all you can do the obvious stuff – move him around with the remote control. But he also tells jokes, can play games, guard an area, home in on the user, tell you when he’s fallen over and you can even program him with a movement sequence.

It’s actually surprising how fast and manoeuvrable the Tribot is. He can really get some speed up! He’s really easy to control too – you just tilt the controller and he moves. This is perfect for young kids who can’t read the controller buttons yet.

The one thing you don’t want with this sort of toy is it breaking straight away. Luckily it’s very durable, although not indestructible! It can definitely survive a fair few bumps and knocks though. Take a look at the video to see the movement and some of the features demonstrated.

WowWee Robosapian

Another WowWee product now. This one is definitely more human than the Tribot and is perhaps better for children a little older. I guess it could be described as less silly than the Tribot! It actually walks and can turn using its legs, rather than a wheel. This looks impressive although it’s quite a bit slower.

The Robosapian can actually pick things up in its hands (or perhaps claws is a better description!) and then throw them. So yes – it can do bowling. Sort of. You can actually make the Robosapian do quite a complex list of commands – up to 84 commands can be programmed in.

There are also a selection of pre programmed moves like kung fu, giving high fives and dancing. You can even download software so you can make him do even more stuff.

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur

This robot dinosaur is from Mattel and is absolutely incredible. Forget kids, I want one! The D-Rex has been universally well received, just look at some of the reviews it has received on Amazon.

It responds to both voice and touch commands, has realistic skin and even has its own personality. You really need to see it in action to see how well it moves. So have a look at the video.

You can even set him in “seek” mode. In this mode he will use a noise sensor to try and locate you. He can also be put into guard mode like some of the robots above.

However unlike the robots above you can’t directly control where he goes. So you can’t make him go over to the other side of the room with the control, but he can follow you there. He’s more like a pet! Oh and did we mention you can feed him by putting things in his mouth too? A perfect friend for any child (or adult)!