JBL ES20 High-Performance 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers Review

I’m somewhat of an audiophile. I’ve loved loads of different kinds of music since I’ve been a kid. Trust me when I say I’ve been through a lot of sets of speakers! So I know what’s good and what’s bad. If I hear music through a low quality set of speakers it actually makes me cringe!

So let’s look at the JBL ES20 Bookshelf Speakers. First some specifications:

  • Uses UHF drivers cable of 40Hz for which produces excellent highs
  • Computer optimized bass
  • Waveguide delivers sound evenly
  • Includes a 1 inch tweeter.
  • Cellulose-fibe coans for piston like motion
  • Dual tweeters

So down to the details. The JBL ES20 are a very good looking pair of speakers they look very sleek  and stylish. They look modern yet should be able to fit well into any house regardless of whether you have a modern or old fashioned theme going on.

JBL are a brand you can trust. I have one of their Airplay products and even though it didn’t cost too much the performance was amazing. Chances are you will have heard JBL products in action before. They claim their products ”surround you in more than 50 percent of all movie theaters worldwide”.

Onto the sound. The JBL ES20 is designed to provide great audio in all genres of music / film. From soft subtle sounds to heavy booming noise. It can do them all very well. It’s also very good with the ambience and detail of the sound. You will hear every note perfectly. This is especially important if you’re into softer, or more technical music. It’s actually quite surprising the sound is so good in a system this small (10 x 21.8 x 16.8 inches). 86DB should be more than enough volume for even the largest rooms.

They’re a diverse pair of speakers which will suit home entertainment and music use equally well.

If I had to summarize the JBL ES20 Bookshelf Speakers sound, it would be “detailed”. You could easily pay twice the cost of these speakers but receive little improvement in sound quality. For bookshelf speakers they’re hard to beat.