Cheap Karaoke Machines

Let’s be honest. You don’t just want a cheap karaoke machine, but one which is good value. Buying one which is too cheap is going to result in a system that lets you down with its poor quality and unreliability. Some of the very low cost machines are more toys for kids. We don’t cover them here.

Other machines, while pretty high quality, don’t have a display screen. So you can play a song on them, and the audio is good, but you can’t see the lyrics on screen. To us that’s the whole point of a Karaoke machine! There are two machines which we think are cheap, but work well too. You won’t be disappointed with these:

The Singing Machine Smg-901 Professional

The SMG-901 has a screen which allows you to see the lyrics as you sing. You can either use a special karaoke CD or use and ipod/ other mp3 player to do this too. The device comes with two microphones so you can easily perform duets. There are also various ways you can mix and perfect the sound using echo and volume controls. The quality is good, but you get what you pay for. It’s not as good as the more expensive machines.

This device is perfect for a party / fun thing to have around the house. The machine can be plugged into the TV so you can see lyrics on a bigger screen. You can also connect it to a more powerful sound system if you want. If you don’t do this the sound comes out of the speaker at the back which is still pretty loud.

 Have a look at the machine in more detail.

Singing Machine Disco Lights CDG Karaoke System

Want a few more visuals when singing karaoke? Think your living room could look more like a disco? Then this is the machine for you. It has duel rotating disco lights at the top which can really add to the atmosphere.

The rest of the features of this device are actually pretty similar to the one above. So in terms of performance they’re pretty much identical. Essentially the question comes down to whether you want the disco balls or not!

The Singing Machine, who make these devices are the leader in the home karaoke industry. They’ve been making the machines for over 25 years. Also they have an online music channel which is where you can get the new songs.

Buy the CDG Karaoke System.

Devices which are more professional start at the $200 mark. Those are better if you want the machine in a bar for example. These machine are good for:

  • A party
  • Kids & adults alike
  • Vocal practice / training
  • Fun!
  • Band practice