Cheap Home Laser Hair Removal Device

Home laser hair removal is becoming an increasingly popular and effective. The devices have improved as the technology has improved. Due to their complexity a lot of them are still very expensive. With laser hair removal you don’t want to be taking too many risks. A poorly constructed device can be unsafe. There is only really one device which seems to give decent results at an OK price. Remember the golden rule – you get what you pay for. But buying a laser hair removal device can save you money if you’re always going to the clinic.

Remington IPL6000USA

The Remington IPL6000 is over $100 cheaper than its nearest competitors, yet it does give some very good results. The device works by seeking out the dark colored pigment in the skin and sending heat and light towards it in one big blast. This blast hopefully destroys / badly damages the hair follicle therefore reducing growth. First of all the system makes sure it’s ok to use on your skin – it scans your skin type. Laser hair removal doesn’t work very well on people with very dark skin. You can also set different intensity settings, the higher the intensity, the more it will hurt. But this is something you will get used to.

The Remington (like most devices) isn’t a miracle worker. So you won’t be perfectly hairless after just one session. It takes many sessions over many months. Remington state that results should be achieved at around the 6 month point.

Although you should notice your hair growth slowing much sooner. Negative feedback about the device seems to come from people who don’t understand that you need to use it in the long term, not just the short term.

The device is easy to use (it beeps at you when you need to change the body part you’re working on), durable and reliable. It also gives great long term results.

Overall the Remington is a very good buy. Why spend $100-200+ on the more expensive systems? This device does most of what they do at a very good price. Any disadvantages with it will also be shared by the more expensive alternatives do to the nature of laser hair removal.

Here is a brief video all about how the device works, and the methods to use while using it.