Best Home Planetarium

I’ve always loved planetariums so got really excited when home planetarium system first started being released. Home planetarium devices can create some amazing visual effects right in your own home.

There are quite a few available for sale. Some are really impressive, some are a bit cheap. So here we will look at some of the best offerings.

Laser Stars Indoor Light Show

If you don’t care about the device being educational, and just want something awesome on the ceiling then this is the device for you. It has a crystal clear animated star display powered by glass lenses, plus a green laser.

It has the holographic technology needed create tons of lights – it’s visually amazing (especially the cloud formations). You can also adjust the size of the projection surface which lets you tailor the light show to any room.

Have a look at the video for a rough demonstration of what you can expect to see. It does look better in real life though, video recorders, even in HD can’t capture how good it looks. It may be a bit more expensive than the others but it’s worth it for one of the most impressive star shows available.

Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro

The Uncle Milton Star Theatre is a really tried and tested product with nearly 100 reviews on Amazon. Essentially it’s a portable planetarium that projects a map of the night sky ceiling . The projection has two discs, a Starfield disc and a earth moon and sun disk.

The display is crystal clear. It is also quite bright, but not too bright that it would stop you falling asleep if you use it to help you drift off. Custom disks are available if you want more choice of what you look at. This was initially one of the criticisms with the original device.

A decent all round device for the money.

Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium

This planetarium is a little bit different to the others.  It doesn’t work as a projector, rather you lift up the device to your eye, look upwards, and it identifies the planets around that area.

It does this by using GPS technology and can locate up to 6000 planets starts and constellations. Another nice feature is the way you can select the planet / star you want to look at on the display, and the SkyScout will give you directions and tell you where it is. There is also a whole host of text and audio descriptions providing a wealth of information.

You can also pick the best current objects to view in the night sky (based on your current time and location). Not only is it an effective & educational device. It’s really fun too. Not the best device if you want amazing visuals in your living room though, it’s not designed for that.

These three products won’t disappoint you and we’d advice you to get one of them if you want a good home planetarium system. Some of the others have disappointing visuals or are inaccurate.