A Small Orange Review – A Small Orange offer shared hosting packages make it simple to find a plan that fits your needs and budget, Empowering you with a 90 day money-back guarantee. Experience 99.9% uptime – your website deserves it! Small Orange has good commitment to social responsibility, match 150% of electricity usage with renewable energy and their support team is super helpful and very very knowledgeable. Above that, this is an honest company that offers true unlimited hosting without overselling you on everything else. A Small Orange Review

Several shared plans to choose from

If you’re only looking to host a small, personal website, the Tiny plan could be a good fit for you. You may choose the Medium plan, this is the most popular, offering 5 GB of disk space and 100 GB of bandwidth for a low monthly fee. A Small Orange makes sure you’re not paying for any more than you’re using. For those looking for a little more room, there is always the Super plan and, if that still isn’t large enough, you can always upgrade to a VPS or dedicated hosting plan.

Honest web hosting

The company doesn’t bet that the majority of their customers will only use a small percentage of their allocated resources like some other companies do. Instead, they ensure there are enough resources available for each customer even if everyone was using them at their maximum. Small Orange is one of the few web hosting providers that doesn’t oversell you on more resources than they can actually provide. What this means for you is that your website will always be running at an optimal performance.

All types of hosting

The company offers a full range of web hosting services, including shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting. A Small Orange also has special plans designed for the business owner, all of which include a free SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address. Most people’s buy shared hosting, because it is sufficient for, but those who are willing to pay a little bit extra for greater security and control will enjoy the company’s VPS and dedicated hosting. If you want to open account of reseller hosting is also available, which is great for anyone thinking about going into the web hosting business for themselves.

Unlimited email addresses each domain

This is a valuable feature, especially for a business, because each employee can then be assigned their own personal email. You can create an unlimited amount of email addresses associated with each domain hosted by A Small Orange. This company also enables you to create a catch all email, which is great if someone happens to email an address at your domain that doesn’t exist. A Small Orange Review

Fantastic web applications

If you’re interested in starting a blog, choose WordPress or one of the other available blog apps and install it with a single click. Web applications are a fantastic way to customize your website, and A Small Orange’s selection of apps just can’t be beat. If you want a calendar or a forum on your site, are interested in getting some CMS software, or are thinking about hosting some online games, A Small Orange has got you covered. you will find also several tools aimed specifically at ecommerce websites and others aimed at educational sites. It is easy to create wikis and survey tools — the possibilities are endless. Don’t worry if you want to build whatever kind of site you’re interested in creating, it’s a pretty safe bet that A Small Orange offers several apps that could greatly enhance it.

Excellent support

A Small Orange provides email support 24/7 as well as live chat and phone support. As a smaller company, A Small Orange offers semi-personalized support the other large web hosting companies don’t offer. Unfortunately, live chat is only available during the week so you have to use another support channel on Saturday or Sunday. This might be a drawback for some, but A Small Orange does place an emphasis on quality when it comes to their support.

Dedicated to going green

This company is doing their best to minimize their impact by matching 150% of the energy they use with renewable energy certificates. More of these way A Small Orange works to reduce energy is by allowing many of their employees to work from home. So this helps to keep cars off the road and offices smaller, which can have a big impact on the amount of resources consumed. It’s still a great feeling to know you’re working with a company dedicated to conserving energy and helping out the environment- A Small Orange Review.